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Tooth Extractions for Pain Management
Asheboro, NC

Tools and an extracted tooth at Randolph Center for Dental Excellence in Asheboro, NCThere are several reasons that one or more teeth may need to be extracted. At Randolph Center for Dental Excellence, we work closely with each of our patients to ensure that they receive the right treatment to help them achieve their dental wellness goals.

Reasons For Needing A Tooth Extraction

There could be any number of reasons for needing to get your tooth surgically extracted, including extensive damage from decay, an injury to the tooth, or a broken tooth, all of which can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort.

If teeth are shifting and fighting for space, it could be that it is better for alignment concerns to remove teeth that are taking up valuable real estate in your mouth.

If baby teeth have not fallen out before the adult teeth have grown in, it may be necessary to remove the baby teeth surgically.

Teeth that are impacted, as is often the case with wisdom teeth, should be extracted so that they do not succumb to serious decay. Impacted wisdom teeth can also be painful. This pain can come and go but should not be ignored.

Preparing For A Tooth Extraction

Prior to surgery, you will need to share a complete medical history along with a list of the medications and supplements that you take. To prepare, x-rays of the tooth will be taken. This will allow our oral surgeon to assess the most effective means of removing the teeth.

When it is time for your surgery, our oral surgeon will ensure that the area surrounding the tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic. Once the tooth and the surrounding gums are completely numbed, the procedure will begin. It is normal to feel pressure when the tooth is being extracted during a simple extraction process. The tooth will be firmly gripped with a special tooth and will be rocked back and forth in the gums to loosen it. There should be no discomfort or pain felt, just pressure alone.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

The surgical extraction of a tooth is somewhat more complicated than the simple extraction is. When the surgical extraction is necessary, our oral surgeon will make a small incision on the gum, in order to gain access to the tooth. The process from this point on is often similar to the simple extraction, unless the tooth proves to be difficult. At this point, the tooth may be broken up and extracted in pieces. The incision site may be closed with a stitch, if it is necessary.
A piece of gauze will be placed over the extraction area, and you will be instructed to bite down on it to apply pressure. This will slow the bleeding and help to form the blood clot that is an important part of healing from the extraction.

Post-Surgical Considerations

You will be provided with home care instructions to follow closely after your extraction. It is quite common to experience some bleeding for up to 24 hours after the procedure. Be sure to follow the instructions for pain management. The use of ice packs applied to the exterior of your cheek can help to reduce swelling.

It is recommended that you stick with soft foods for the first day or so after your extraction. It is advisable to avoid eating hot foods. Patients are also to avoid alcohol and smoking after an extraction. The use of straws is not recommended, as it can potentially dislodge the blood clot within the socket. If this does occur, this can lead to a painful condition known as dry socket.

The extraction site could take up two weeks to heal and close. Be sure to heed the advice offered to you by our oral surgeon and your dental wellness team. Schedule your surgical tooth extraction Randolph Center for Dental Excellence by calling (336) 444-2772. You do not need to suffer any longer with a painful tooth or tooth that would be better off removed.

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There could be a number of reasons you may need your tooth surgically extracted, but don't worry! Our experts at Randolph Center for Dental Excellence are here to help. Call today!
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