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Smile Gallery

Welcome to our Smile Gallery!

We wish to thank all of our wonderful patients who share their stories. We are grateful for you all.

"I watched my teeth deteriorate for many years. As I became more concerned about my dental health, I finally decided it was time to do something about it. With Dr. Cheryl I knew I was in good hands, and the results were amazing." -Allen
Smile Gallery Allen
Smile Gallery Allen Before
Allen Before Photo

Smile Gallery Allen After
Allen After Photo

"My smile was in a demise due to clenching my teeth nightly. Thanks to the expertise of Drs. Bryan and Cheryl I no longer hide my smile. Their office staff took great care of me during my office visits and dental procedures. I am proud to tell all that Dr. Cheryl created this beautiful smile!" -Lou
Smile Gallery Lou
Smile Gallery Lou Before
Lou Before Photo

Smile Gallery Lou After
Lou After Photo

"Everywhere I go, my smile goes with me. With bleaching and beautiful new crowns, my smile now better reflects the real me!" -Eddie
Smile Gallery Eddie
Smile Gallery Eddie Before
Eddie Before Photo

Smile Gallery Eddie After
Eddie After Photo

"My teeth had worn down so much that I knew I had to do something before it was too late. I was very comfortable putting myself in Dr. Cheryl's hands, and she gave me an amazing new smile!" -Ken
Smile Gallery Ken
Smile Gallery Ken Before
Ken Before Photo

Smile Gallery Ken After
Ken After Photo

"My new smile feels good, looks good - I love it!" -Jennifer
Smile Gallery Jennifer Before
Jennifer Before Photo
Smile Gallery Jennifer After
Jennifer After Photo

Smile Gallery Jennifer After

"The process of replacing my old crown and veneering the adjacent teeth was easy and comfortable, and the result looks great!" -Ben
Smile Gallery Ben
Smile Gallery Ben Before
Ben Before Photo

Smile Gallery Ben After
Ben After Photo

"With my new look, I smile with more confidence and feel better about the image I project to the world." -Monika
Smile Gallery Monika
Smile Gallery Monika Before
Monika Before Photo

Smile Gallery Monika After
Monika After Photo

"Dr. Cheryl and I worked hard to get my teeth as healthy and beautiful as possible! Throughout the process, I really appreciated the attention to detail and to my comfort." -Jetti
Smile Gallery Jetti Before
Jetti Before Photo
Smile Gallery Jetti After
Jetti After Photo

"After wearing a partial for years, I got tired of taking it in and out. With my new crowns and bridge, it's amazing how I can now smile with confidence! I get many compliments on my beautiful teeth." -Joyce
Smile Gallery Joyce Before
Joyce Before Photo
Smile Gallery Joyce After
Joyce After Photo

"I wanted my teeth to look and feel healthier. Dr. Cheryl achieved that and so much more! The process of balancing my bite and the smile makeover was comfortable and easier than I expected." -Ray
Smile Gallery Ray
Smile Gallery Ray Before
Ray Before Photo

Smile Gallery Ray After
Ray After Photo

"I needed crowns on my bottom front teeth because they had worn down. Once I saw how good they looked, I decided to have bonding done on my top teeth to improve their appearance. I'm very pleased with the results." -Richard
Smile Gallery Richard Before
Richard Before Photo
Richard Smile Gallery After
Richard After Photo

"I love my porcelain veneers! They look and feel so natural! Dr. Cheryl did a wonderful job, and I just wish I had done it sooner!" -Brooke
"I am very, very happy with my teeth. They feel better and my smile is much brighter. I don't mind having pictures made anymore, and I receive lots of compliments on my smile!" -Fran
"When Dr. Cheryl did my veneers and new crowns, I loved getting to preview the final result on my temporaries. Now I smile with confidence!" -Jennifer

Invisalign result photos from our office

Redder Before & After Invisalign Results

Smile Gallery Invisalign Before
Redder Before Invisalign

Smile Gallery Invisalign Before
Redder Before Invisalign
Smile Gallery Invisalign After
Redder After Invisalign

Smile Gallery Redder After Invisalign
Redder After Invisalign

Majorie Before & After Invisalign Results

Smile Gallery Invisalign Before
Majorie Before Invisalign

Smile Gallery Invisalign Before
Majorie Before Invisalign
Smile Gallery Invisalign After
Majorie After Invisalign

Smile Gallery Invisalign After
Majorie After Invisalign

Smile Gallery Invisalign Before
Invisalign Results Before Photo
Smile Gallery Invisalign After
Invisalign Results After Photo

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