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What is your Level of Sleepiness?

Couple in bed with man snoring and woman covering her ears with a pillowThe doctor will need to score your level of sleepiness. By answering a few simple questions, you will give your doctor insight into what you experience day-to-day.

When you read through the following questions, you should score yourself based on the frequency that you fall asleep in each situation.

0 – Never fall asleep
1 – Sometimes fall asleep
2 – Fall asleep often
3 – Fall asleep all of the time

I fall asleep when:

I sit and read

I watch TV

I watch a movie at the movie theatre

I ride in the car for longer than one hour

I lay down in the middle of the afternoon

I sit down to talk to friends or family

I sit idle in the mid-afternoon

I am stopped at a stop light or stop sign

**Have you had CPAP treatment and it has failed you or you are unable to sleep while using it?** If so, score 10 points.

Compare your Scores

Once you have tallied up your scores, you should look in the following chart to see where you are in regards to your general level of sleepiness.

1-6 You are meeting your sleep requirements
7-8 You are getting an average amount of sleep
9+ You need to make an appointment with Dr. Freeman today

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In order to properly diagnose your sleep apnea, our doctors at Randolph Center for Dental Excellence will need to score your level of sleepiness. Learn more here!
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