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Dental Bonding
Asheboro, NC

Dental bonding is more than just filling a tooth, it’s about repairing and enhancing your teeth. With it, we can make both restorative and cosmetic improvements, including:
•  Fill Gaps: If you have a gap between your front teeth, or elsewhere, we can close that gap with composite material giving you a perfect look.
•  Fix Chips and Small Fractures: We can repair chipped front teeth, cracks and small fractures. More expensive treatments such as veneers or crowns are not always needed.
•  Lengthen or Even: We can help you achieve a more even, perfected appearance with your most visible teeth.
•  Cover Stains: Composite material can be used to resurface teeth that have deep intrinsic stains. Often times patients with fluorosis or other set in stains think they need to have veneers or crowns placed to hide the problem, but we can resurface a tooth with composite material hiding the stains and giving you whiter teeth.

What do you mean by composite?

We often just use the term “composite.” It refers to a blend of quartz materials that is then mixed with a strong resin. The materials used today are superior to older composite materials, making it a very strong, long lasting option.

The benefits to composite include:
•  Color Matching: Patients appreciate the color matching to their natural enamel that we can do with composite filler. This helps the restoration hide in your mouth.
•  Durability: Though not as durable as a dental crown, the material we use today is stronger, with the ability to last for many years before requiring replacement.
•  Ability to Adhere: Though this seems insignificant, metal amalgam filler does not adhere, requiring us to reshape the tooth to fill. Since composite adheres, we only need to remove any diseased portion of a tooth. If there is no disease, no part of the tooth is removed.
•  Ability to Shape: Composite material is moldable and easy to shape. This allows us to mold it to make the necessary repairs. Shaping composite material takes a real artistry; we need to match the bite while blending the material to fit in line with your neighboring teeth.

Dental Bonding Placement

The placement of dental bonding is generally completed in one office session. After discussing treatment, the tooth is cleaned and we apply an acid wash to roughen the tooth up a bit for better adherence. We then color match the material to your teeth and then the artistry begins. We mold and shape the material to match the desired look. Once completed, we then harden it with a blue light and polish it up for a beautiful pearly look. Composite material will not last as long as other restorations, but it should last for several years at a fraction of the cost.

If you are interested in learning more about dental bonding, or have a tooth that needs reshaped or filled, please contact Randolph Center for Dental Excellence at (336) 444-2772 to schedule an appointment with us.

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At Randolph Center for Dental Excellence, our dental bonding treatments are minor repairs for teeth that have been damaged or become stained. Learn more here!
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