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Are Dental Implants Safe
Asheboro, NC

Rendering of jaw with dental implant at Randolph Center for Dental Excellence in Asheboro, NC. Dental implant restoration is a permanent teeth replacement option if you have missing or decayed teeth. If some of your teeth need to be replaced or removed due to tooth decay, or if you have missing teeth, a dental implant restoration procedure can be ideal for you. Implants are safe for a lot of people, especially when placed in a reputable dental office, like Randolph Center for Dental Excellence.

Will Dental Implants Be Completely Safe If I’m a Good Candidate?

Dental implant restoration procedures have been used in dentistry for over three decades and they are considered very safe. Dental implant restoration typically involves multiple procedures conducted over several months. This allows for the tissue and bone in your mouth to heal between each stage. If you’re in good health, your risk of severe problems or complications after a dental implant procedure is almost zero. Your dental health, however, should be good before the procedure. If, for instance, you have severe gum disease, the dentist will provide you with the right treatment to manage the disease before your procedure.

A 2022 study revealed that 93 percent of implants were in good condition 20 years after the participants got them. Other studies show that dental implants have an up to 98 percent success rate in a 40 to 50-year period.

Dental Implant-Related Complications Are Rare

On rare occasions, dental implants can lead to complications. A common complication is peri-implantitis. This is when the gum tissue surrounding the tooth implant gets infected. The infection is often due to the implant site not being cleaned properly or when the patient fails to adequately take care of the implant after the procedure. This risk can, therefore, be eliminated if you work with an experienced dentist and follow your recovery instructions.

In some rarer cases, the implant may not fuse with the jawbone properly. This is more likely if the bone around the implant is weakened. This issue can be avoided through proper pre-implant planning as well as jaw-strengthening surgeries, like bone grafting.

Another rare risk is referred to as foreign body rejection. This extremely rare complication occurs when you develop an allergic reaction or immune system reaction to an implant. These complications are, however, extremely rare because dental systems are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA ensures that dental implant materials meet international standards before approval, so dental implants are safe overall.

Is There An Age Limit Regarding Dental Implant Restoration?

As long as the procedure is approved by a dental professional and you’re healthy, your age won’t be an issue. The only exception is for children and teens, as their jaw is not yet fully formed. It is important to have a consultation before assuming you are a candidate.

Is Getting a Dental Implant Painful?

During and after dental implant restoration you may experience some discomfort and pain that won’t last for long. However, the procedure is painless because it involves local and general anesthesia. To reduce pain after the procedure, you can take pain medication for a couple of days.

Get Excellent Dental Care

We provide excellent dental services using advanced technology and surgical procedures. Also, through our post-implant checkups and comprehensive recovery instructions, we will support you all through the dental implant restoration procedure. Contact us at Randolph Center for Dental Excellence at (336) 444-2772.

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