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How Getting Older Hurts Your Enamel?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
How Getting Older Hurts Your Enamel?Getting older is always pretty, but it brings its share of problems. Our mouths and oral health aren't an exception. The daily activities we indulge in like cleaning the mouth and chewing can cause the teeth to wear down. Stains accumulating from foods, drinks, or oral products begin to darken our teeth. And not just that, many things continue to take their toll on our teeth. Here we look at how old age affects the enamel.

Thinning of the Enamel

Growing older causes the teeth to become thinner than usual. It also makes the dentin get thicker and dull. Due to the thinning enamel, more of the dentin starts to show. Our teeth, though strong, aren't indestructible. As such, exposure to mouth acids, over time, leads to erosion of the enamel. This can bring about cavity formation and decay or even sensitivity.

Difficult to Attend to Oral Hygiene

Older people tend to suffer from arthritis, which leads to stiffness of the hands and fingers. You may have difficulties maintaining dental hygiene practices. You are unable to floss and brush normally. If stroke and dementia kick in, you may not carry out brushing and flossing in the proper manner. You, therefore, have a buildup of plaque, which in the long run, harms your teeth.

Reduced Saliva Production

As you grow older, saliva production diminishes. A dry mouth makes you prone to cavities and even gum infections. It is imperative that you schedule regular checks and cleanings with a dentist to help protect your smile. Detecting oral problems early allows prompt treatment and prevents additional consequences like tooth loss, pain, or severe sensitivity.

If you are aging, consider paying us a visit more frequently to get your mouth inspected for oral issues. We also carry out prophylactic cleaning to clear bacterial plaque and tartar from the mouth.

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