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The Benefits Of Fluoride To Our Oral Health

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
The Benefits Of Fluoride To Our Oral HealthAlthough many dental professionals vouch for the benefits of fluoride, others dispute its safety. Fluoride remains a very important health component, despite the ongoing debate over its use. In fact, more than 79 percent of persons using community water systems get water that has optimum fluoride levels required to prevent tooth decay, according to CDC.

Why do you Need Fluoride?

Fluoride provides health benefits for both kids and adults. Dentists recommend the use of fluoride mouthwash, toothpaste, and water. Additionally, many dentists offer fluoride treatments. Fluoride is essential even before the teeth erupt from the gums. The presence of fluoride in foods, dietary supplements, and beverages helps make the enamel of teeth stronger. After the teeth have come in, fluoride helps in the remineralization process, thus strengthening the enamel and reversing early tooth decay signs. As your teeth are constantly under acid attack from the bacteria and food in the mouth, fluoride is needed to help rebuild teeth' enamel and keep decay at bay.

Fluoride, as a natural mineral existing in the environment, can be found in the foods people consume. It is found in small amounts in foods such as oatmeal, grapes, seafood, and asparagus. The body naturally produces fluoride through the production of calcium fluoride. This mineral helps build strong teeth and bones.

Upon combining with saliva, fluoride creates a bath within the mouth that coats the teeth and offers continuous protection from harmful acids. When you use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash, you strengthen your dental defense system from harmful acids and bacteria that tend to weaken the teeth. However, it can be difficult to have sufficient fluoride in the body from your diet alone. Therefore, it is crucial you drink water that contains fluoride if it is available in your area.

There has been extensive research on water containing fluoride and that water has been used for decades. In fact, the CDC said that fluoridation of water is among the ten greatest public health achievements we have seen in the 20th century. And drinking water that has fluoride is proven to be safe and effective for fighting decay in individuals of all ages. Find out more about fluoride water and the benefits it offers to your oral health. Contact our dental team today.

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