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Debunking Dental Myths

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
Debunking Dental MythsWe get a lot of information from the internet regarding dental care and treatment. Some of it may be helpful but others can be misleading. Understanding more about dentistry and dental care is paramount in order to know what actions to take when a problem arises. Here we focus on some dental-related myths we should be aware of today.

All Sugar is Equally Harmful to Teeth

It is obvious that sugar increase the risk of tooth decay, however, some types are worse than others. Consuming sugar-based foods that stick on the teeth is more dangerous than consuming those that are ingested immediately without sitting on the teeth. For instance, sipping a soda and sucking on a mint tends to be worse than consuming a candy bar at the same time.

You Shouldn't Worry About Baby Teeth Since They Will Fall Out

Having healthy baby teeth allows a kid to maintain bite alignment and chew food properly. Your child is able to eat and speak properly. Additionally, healthy baby teeth help retain proper teeth spacing. A healthy smile enhances confidence and self-esteem. Again, healthy baby teeth help eliminate decay and its pain, which can disrupt normal day-to-day activities.

Tooth Removal is As Good as Root Canal Therapy

The American Associate of Endodontists says that saving your natural teeth offers the best option for a healthy smile. Nothing is able to completely replace natural teeth. Although you may have artificial teeth, they can make you avoid certain foods. When you have your natural teeth, you continue enjoying a huge variety of foods that are crucial for proper nutrient balance within your diet. Teeth restoration and endodontic treatment provide a cost-effective way of treating damaged pulp. These treatments are less expensive compared to extraction and bridge or implant placement. Endodontic treatment also offers a very success rate and many root canal-treated teeth can last a lifetime.

Find out more about tooth extraction, root canal therapy, and tips on how to prevent decay. Book your appointment for a consultation today.

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