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Simple Carbs Can Lead to Enamel Damage
Asheboro, NC

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
Image of the inside of a tooth diagram.The enamel is an important part of your tooth. It is the outer layer that protects your tooth against bacterial intrusion. Taking good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing helps keep the enamel in good condition. However, there are several things that can damage your enamel; this includes avoiding simple carbs. Simple carbs are some of the foods that could distort the structure of your tooth enamel. Understanding how this happens is crucial for better protection.

Effects of Simple Carbs

Simple carbs are linked with oral conditions like tooth cavities and decay. This happens when starch present in white flour stays in your mouth for a long time and breaks down the simple sugars. It is important to note that bacteria in your mouth thrive on simple sugars and converts them into acids. A high concentration of acids in your mouth will wear down the tooth enamel. This can result in oral conditions like tooth decay and extreme tooth sensitivity. Therefore, simple carbs pose a great risk not only to your enamel but also to your gums.

However, carbohydrates are still important sources of nutrients and energy, so you avoid eating simple carbs. There are several healthy alternatives that will leave your teeth in good condition. For instance, you can go for whole grains that have oral health-friendly nutrients. Sticking to healthy carbs will also boost your gum health, making them stronger and resistant to gum disease.

Apart from eating healthy carbs, your enamel needs good oral hygiene to remain in perfect condition. You should brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss on a regular basis. This will prevent bacteria from accumulating on your teeth and causing possible infections. It is also important to visit our offices for regular dental cleanings to remove any bacteria in your mouth. Schedule a consultative appointment with us at (336) 444-2772 for more information on how simple carbs can damage the enamel.

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