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The Acids Left After Throwing Up Can Cause Many Issues to Your Enamel

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
The Acids Left After Throwing Up Can Cause Many Issues to Your EnamelEven though throwing up in many cases is unavoidable, it has several effects on your oral health. There is evidence that the acids left in your mouth after throwing up can damage your enamel. Here are the effects of throwing up has on your enamel.

Effects of Throwing Up to the Enamel

When you vomit frequently, your enamel could be eroded. This is more likely to happen on the upper front teeth. The enamel is a tough protective layer that helps prevent the intrusion of bacteria. As a result, many oral infections are prevented. However, when the enamel is damaged due to acidic erosion, the risk of oral infections increases. You could suffer from conditions like tooth decay that can easily lead to tooth loss. Furthermore, your teeth will become sensitive to changes in temperature due to the exposed dentin.

Severe acid erosion also leads to changes in your bite and affects how the lower and upper teeth get in contact. In addition, erosion leads to size reduction in some of your back teeth with others getting loose. With stomach vomit containing toxic acids with very low pH levels, the chances of damage are high. The acids are meant to break down food in your stomach where the conditions are favorable. However, when they come up in your mouth, they are too strong and corrosive. Apart from tooth erosion, these acids can also cause your salivary glands to swell. The mouth tissues could also become red, dry, and sore. This could result in cases of tooth cavities.

Protect the Enamel on Your Teeth

As much as vomiting cannot be prevented, there are several things you can do to reduce its impact on your oral health. For instance, you are encouraged to rinse your mouth after throwing up to help get rid of the acids remaining. Contact us for more information on the effects of throwing up.

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