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The Role Calcium Plays with Your Oral Health

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
The Role Calcium Plays with Your Oral HealthHaving a good oral hygiene routine is important. Brushing and flossing are the top two things you can do to have healthy teeth. However, if you want to have healthy teeth for many years, is also important to take into consideration the food you eat so that you have the proper nutrients to support your teeth. Incorporating calcium into your diet will benefit your oral health

Calcium plays a major role in keeping your jawbones healthy and strong so that they can hold your teeth in place. For strong bones and teeth, it is recommended that you consume around 1500 milligrams of calcium each day. If you are lacking calcium in your body, your body may pull that calcium from your bones and teeth to sustain other parts of your body. If you do not have sufficient calcium in your mouth, you may experience irritation in your gums, brittle teeth, and tooth decay. If these dental problems persist, they could lead to periodontal disease.

Calcium Rich Foods Are Beneficial for Your Oral Health

Cheese, milk, and yogurt are full of calcium. The bones in your mouth benefit from dairy products just like the bones in the rest of your body. The calcium in dark green leafy vegetables also enriches the enamel and strengthens your jawbone. It is important to eat foods which are good sources of an array of vitamins and minerals, which are not only good for your mouth, but they are also good for your overall health.

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It is important to eat well for your body as well as your oral health. Choosing to add more foods which contain calcium or taking a high-quality calcium supplement are great ways to incorporate calcium into your daily diet. Contact our friendly office staff today to schedule your next professional cleaning and dental checkup.

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