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Replacing a Missing Tooth Can Boost Your Health

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
Replacing a Missing Tooth Can Boost Your HealthMissing teeth can be a problem for several reasons. Initially, we think of the cosmetic issue if the missing tooth is in the front of the mouth. However, if the missing tooth is near the back of your mouth, you may be tempted to accept the gap and move on with your life. The truth is missing teeth affect your entire mouth as well as your heath.

Health Benefits of Having All Your Teeth

If you have a vacancy in your mouth, we strongly suggest you consider the health benefits of having all your teeth. We often see patients who have a gap in their gum line. A predictable consequence of this opening is the decreased functionality of your teeth as adjacent teeth tend to shift into the open space. This can cause misalignment issues, which can affect your jaw over time as you repeatedly bite incorrectly. Is important to replace your missing tooth so that your smile is complete, and your teeth are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Another added benefit to having a full mouth of teeth is to keep your gums healthy. If your gums are healthy, they are less susceptible to gum disease. Ironically, gum disease can lead to more tooth loss.

A full set of teeth also supports the jaw and lips. When teeth are absent in the gum line, your facial structure can change for the worse. Your lips can sag and it can appear like you are much older than your actual age. Having the proper support from a full set of teeth is imperative for an aesthetically pleasing facial structure.

We welcome the opportunity to talk through some options if you have a missing tooth or missing teeth. We can help you determine how to move forward improving your smile and your health.

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