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The Most Common Types of Dental Fillings

Posted on 3/22/2021 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
The Most Common Types of Dental FillingsDental fillings are one of the most common non-invasive dental restoration procedures. Dental fillings are used to fix mild to moderate tooth decay and damage and restore the shape and function of your teeth. At Randolph Center for Dental Excellence, Dr. Bryan Freeman and Dr. Cheryl Freeman can use a variety of filling materials to fix your decayed teeth.

Types of Dental Fillings

The material of your dental filling depends on the extent and severity of the damage, the location of the decay, your allergies, and the cost.


Gold is the best material for dental filling since it is so strong and hypoallergenic. Gold is highly resistant to rust and can last you for over 25 years. With good dental care, it can even last for 40 years. However, gold fillings are very expensive, which is the reason why they are no longer common.
In addition, gold fillings may require more than one visit to properly fit them in your teeth.

Silver Amalgam

Silver amalgam fillings are very common. This material is an alloy of silver and base metals like mercury, copper, and zinc. It is very strong and can easily last for more than 15 years if you take care of your teeth.

Silver amalgam fillings are great options for repairing molar teeth. Because of their metallic color, however, most people do not like them on their visible teeth.


A porcelain filling is tooth-colored and very resistant to stains. That is why many people prefer to repair their front teeth with this material.

Porcelain teeth are also quite durable and can last for about 15 years. However, they are almost as expensive as gold fillings. In addition, since the material is prone to breakage, we need to prepare a larger space in the tooth so that it doesn't break easily. This means it does not conserve tooth health as well as other types of fillings.

Composite Resin

Composite resin is a mixture of resin, glass, and plastic and can be made to match the color of your natural teeth. The material is pulpy and is hardened inside the cavity with the help of a UV curing light.

Composite resin filling may not be as durable as gold or silver amalgam fillings and can also stain over time. However, they are also quite expensive. Because of their white color, most people prefer this material to repair their canine and incisor teeth.

As you can see, dental fillings come in different types and have varying durability and applications. Dental fillings are simple, safe, and non-invasive treatments, but if your cavities are allowed to grow unchecked, we may have to resort to more aggressive treatments. That is why, if you notice your teeth are developing cavities, you should call us at (336) 444-2772 to schedule an appointment immediately.

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