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Reasons Why You Could Need A Tooth Extraction

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
Reasons Why You Could Need A Tooth ExtractionThere are several different diseases, any one of which might necessitate the removal of a tooth. Cavities may sometimes spread and produce infections that cannot be treated using conventional methods if dental hygiene is neglected, diseases are allowed to progress, or genetics play a role. In this scenario, your oral surgeon will conduct an extraction on one of your teeth to remove the tooth and any decay or infection that may be present before it may spread.

It is challenging to maintain good oral hygiene when a person's teeth are crooked or improperly positioned. You can also need help chewing food correctly. Children also run the risk of overcrowding in their mouths if all of their permanent teeth erupt once and there isn't enough space for them. Your dentist may suggest a tooth extraction to alleviate crowding in your child's mouth or prepare them for orthodontic therapy.

Gum Disease May Necessitate Tooth Extraction

A frequent problem that may arise in the mouth is gum disease, often known as periodontal disease. Plaque forms pockets that allow bacteria to hide in between your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, this might result in teeth that become loose.

If the gum tissue cannot be repaired using conventional periodontal therapies, your oral surgeon may recommend removing the loose tooth via surgical extraction. Additionally, wisdom teeth represent one of the most typical causes of impacted teeth in people. It is possible for it to harm neighboring teeth or for them to become misaligned. In this particular instance, surgery will be performed by your oral surgeon to remove the impacted tooth and avoid any complications.

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