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Reasons To Seek Emergency Dental Services

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Dr. Cheryl Freeman
Reasons To Seek Emergency Dental ServicesDental emergencies may occur at any time before or after your next appointment. Many dental emergencies need you to see the dentist immediately. For this reason, many dentists offer 24-hour emergency services. Read the following info to know the reasons to seek emergency dental services:

Cracked Or Broken Tooth

Two things can cause cracks and the breaking of your teeth. You may have had an accident or even chewed hard food.

When your teeth crack, they expose the nerves, making you feel a lot of pain. You will need to see the dentist to ease your pain and fix or remove the broken tooth.

Tooth Infection

When you have a tooth infection, you will experience symptoms like swollen face and pus from the jaws. The most common sign that sends many people to the dentist is pain around the jaw and ears.

It will be best to deal with tooth infection immediately as it can cause severe damage to other body parts. The dentists will also offer some prescriptions to help ease the pain.

Gum Disease

Gum disease may not start as severe, and you may be waiting for your next dental appointment. You can visit the dentist due to gum disease because when you lose your tooth, you are in pain and have bad breath.

The dentists will find the cause of the gum disease and offer a permanent solution. You may need to visit the dentist more often, but you will have some medication.

Lost Tooth

You may lose your teeth through injury or cavities. Losing your teeth can be painful as you did not use anesthesia. It will be best to visit the dentist immediately to discuss getting a new tooth or reattaching the lost one. If a cavity caused it, you would need a new tooth. It will help if you visit our offices to learn more about dental emergencies.

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